Dubai Denies Rumours Of Allowing Gambling In The City

Rumours of Dubai planning to roll out gambling business licences have been swirling around the internet, to which the Government of Dubai Media Office denounced as fake news.

Simply put, gambling is a big no for the region and it’s frowned upon by the Quran. Anyone caught in the act of gambling in-person could fall victim to hefty fines. Online gambling is outlawed and is mostly banned. It’s only fitting to say residents must stay way from it.

Yesterday, the Dubai Media Office issued a statement addressing the circulation of rumours regarding gambling in Dubai, calling it “incorrect.” The statement also comes as a warning to keep away from sharing fake news, anyone responsible for sharing disinformation about the UAE is subject to a whopping Dhs 20,000 fine.

2020 saw a Reuteurs editorial go viral in the country, for raising speculations of the emirate of Dubai and Abu Dhabi merging its businesses with support from the capital’s Mubadla fund, to which Dubai Media Office said “the publication of this news was without verification of its authenticity or ascertaining its content and the reliability of its source.”

(Featured photograph credit: Dubai Media Office)

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