Dubai-Based School Expels Bullies After Explicit Viral Video

A lot of students and parents in the UAE are infuriated after a video surfaced on social media showing a girl beating up another pupil, leading the Dubai-based school to expel them and suspend an additional five students.

Viral video of bullying in a Dubai-based school

A Dubai-based school-going girl shared a video of a bully pulling another girl’s hair and abusing her. The clip received dozens of furious comments by students and parents wanting the school, GEMS World Academy, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and the authorities to investigate the matter and take action against the bully. Here’s a snapshot of the spat:

Dubai School GEMS World Academy Expel Bully Bullies Viral Video KHDA

Photograph credit: Twitter/@highdadyy

Students “withdrawn” and suspensions handed out

Following the video, GEMS World Academy CEO Stuart Walker responded saying the students have been “withdrawn” from the school and five students have been suspended. He says:

“We have been aware of this for two weeks. A full investigation was conducted. The two students have been withdrawn from the school and there were five suspensions. All the students in Grade 7 have been spoken to and letters have been sent to all parents. It was a relatively isolated incident and contained to a small group of students.”

Stuart Walker, CEO of GEMS World Academy

School taking “appropriate action” against bully

While KHDA immediately responded to the matter calling the behviour “unacceptable” and asked for the students’ details, a GEMS Education spokesperson claims the school is taking “appropriate action” against the bully.

“We are aware of an earlier incident at one of our schools and can confirm that appropriate action has already been taken in accordance with our safeguarding policy. The school acted promptly to investigate and resolve the issue and we will continue to prioritise the safety, security and well-being of all our students.”

GEMS Education

‘Child Protection Unit’ initiative for bullying victims

Disregard of a government or a private school, the Ministry of Education’s ‘Child Protection Unit’ protects children from all forms of harm. There’s a dedicated number for the centre. Victims can contact 04-217666 or email .

(Featured photograph credit: GEMS World Academy)


2 thoughts on “Dubai-Based School Expels Bullies After Explicit Viral Video

  1. I’m so glad progress is being made to fight bullying! I was bullied from the sixth grade until I finally switched schools during my senior year. I suffered many types of bullying- physical beatings, exclusion, smear campaigns, the whole nine. But luckily for me, I worked on myself later and eventually won back my confidence and happiness. I now use what I went through to help those who are bullied today. And I’m now a wife, mother and grandmother with a beautiful family. Thank you so much for raising awareness to this issue that still isn’t address enough. This will help so many!


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