There’s A New Crescent Shaped Lake In A Dubai Desert

Just in time for the holy month of Ramadan, drone shots of a new crescent-shaped lake have been surfacing the internet and it could be your next road trip spot.

Mostafa, a prominent Dubai-bred photographer who goes by the username @100.pixels on Instagram, shared some breath-taking footage of what the crescent-shaped lake looks like from an aerial view with his 77,000 followers, and it’s sending social media into a spiral with hundreds of comments on his post, asking for the lake’s whereabouts and in praise of Mostafa’s content. Check it out:

It turns out, the lake is a few kilometres away from the Al Qudra lakes and it takes a 4×4 sedan to make it.

Unless you’re in the know, there’s a great deal of custom man-made lakes built around Al Qudra desert, such as the ‘Love Lake’ and the ‘Expo 2020 Lake.’ This crescent-shaped lake’s discovery comes hot on the heels after a young Emirati discovered a pink lake in Ras Al Khaimah.

Ras Al Khaimah Pink lake

Photograph credit: Ammar Alfarsi

It’s worth mentioning motorists are advised to be cautious while driving to these lakes as they’re mostly inhabited by wildlife, especially the Arabian Oryx.


(Featured photograph credit: Instagram/@100.pixesl)

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