Two Motorists Sentenced To Clean Public Parks And Streets After Reckless Driving

Photos of two men cleaning streets at the Kalba corniche are surfacing the internet after the UAE’s Public Prosecution sentenced the duo to complete community service due to reckless driving.

It goes without saying, but reckless driving is a big no. Any motorist caught driving carelessly is subject to a slew of fines and traffic violations. Two motorists, of UAE nationality, were caught in the act with multiple offenses in the northern emirate.

After referring their case to the Kalba Court of First Instance, the duo have been ordered to complete one and a half months of community service, encompassing the cleanliness and maintenance of public roads, beaches, parks, and nature reserves.

“The public prosecution always seeks to bring about a radical change in the behavior of defendants while at the same time, enforce measures that are deterrent to dangerous practices.”

Saeed Belhaj, Director of Kalba Public Prosecution

As harsh as it sounds, there’s zero tolerance for reckless driving and daredevil stunts. If you’re a long-timer in the UAE, chances are you might recall Dubai Ruler and UAE Vice President His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum sentencing a motorist to clean roads and streets in the City Walk area after being documented performing donuts in the middle of a busy intersection.

(Featured photograph credit: WAM)

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