Dubai Gets A Flight Full Of Mangoes From Pakistan

We all know mango as the ‘king of the fruits,’ and true to this saying, a number of boxes of the beloved fruit were delivered from Pakistan to Dubai via an airplane.

Pakistani journalist Aqsa Younas Rana took to Twitter sharing photos of piles of mango cartons loaded on every seat of the aircraft as it took off for Dubai.

As if the seats weren’t enough, the overhead bin was occupied with boxes of mangoes too.

It’s safe to say Dubai has quite an appetite for mangoes. The yellow oval fruit made headlines last year after a supermarket announced an ultra-luxe service delivering mangoes in a Lamborghini supercar worth a whopping AED 1.2 million.

Jhanzeb Yaseen, managing director at Pakistan Super Market Dubai, and the brains behind the ‘Mango in a Lambo’ concept says he came up with this idea in a bid to “make unforgettable memories” for its customers, and it turned out, more than 1,100 deliveries were made.

Pakistan sends a flight full of mango mangoes cartons to Dubai Lamborghini delivery fruits king

Photograph credit: Pakistan Super Market Dubai

Last year’s campaign ran for a mere three months, and this week, the supermarket announced starting the service once again. They suggest customers to make their order as soon they can as the deliveries are confirmed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Every delivery requires an order of a minimum of three mango cartons.


(Featured photograph credit: Twitter/Aqsa Yunus Rana)

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