638 Taxi Drivers In Dubai Are Getting Honored With Their Names Displayed On Top Of Their Cabs

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is paying respect to the city’s taxi drivers who kept the emirate moving during the Covid-19 outbreak with a custom name board on top of their vehicle.

A whopping 638 taxi drivers were shortlisted by the RTA’s initiative, as they describe the recipients having “demonstrated high levels of social responsibility during the outbreak of Covid-19” and “worked extra hours during the period of the pandemic.” Check out this heartwarming video showing some of the drivers’ responses to having their names displayed on top of their cab:

Every year, the RTA allocates an impressive AED 2 million towards rewarding taxi drivers, in addition to awarding select employees for the traffic safety award. What’s more, some high-performing cabbies get rewarded with complimentary air tickets and sponsoring their families’ visit visas.

Meanwhile. It’s worth mentioning Dubai’s RTA is planning to venture into self-driving taxis in near future, in line with Dubai’s vision to make 25% of transportation autonomous by 2030. We’ve already seen a prelude to what the future has on offer with a driver-less Mercedes cab operating at the Dubai Silicon Oasis. Check it out:

Plus, Dubai Crown Prince His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum recently announced the RTA inked a deal with American self-driving car manufacturer Cruise to roll out autonomous taxis, with a target of 4,000 vehicles over the next seven years.

(Featured photograph credit: RTA Dubai)

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