Huge Fires Contained From Warehouse In Dubai After Thick Smoke Breaks Out

Thick plumes of black smoke filled the sky in Umm Ramool after a ceramic warehouse set ablaze until Dubai Civil Defence contained the flames with no casualties reported.

At 4:51 pm, the Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) was notified about fires breaking out from the warehouse in Umm Ramool. A firefighting team from the Al Rashidiya Station was deployed immediately and arrived on the scene within minutes to contain the flames. By 5:39, the blaze was put out.

Judging by photographs posted by the Government of Dubai Media Office, nearly half of the warehouse was engulfed in flames. Check it out:

Unless you’re in the know, the DCD is making big moves to fasten firefighting in the city, hot on the heels of rolling out the region’s first-ever electric engine-powered fire truck. The vehicle is capable of rapid acceleration, hard braking, and maneuverability. Its electric driveline, joint with independent suspension and a hydropneumatic chassis, delivers a high standard of safety and great driving performance.

Dubai Media Office

Photograph credit: Dubai Civil Defence

What’s more, the fire truck’s two electric motors have the potential to provide a total output of up to 360 kW (490 HP) and impart propulsion and acceleration to the RT only comparable to airport rescue and fire-fighting vehicles with 1,000 HP engines.

(Featured photograph credit: Dubai Media Office)

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