Chaos At Dubai’s Springs Community After Residents Spot An Exotic “Wild Cat’ Roaming

Residents in the Springs community were taken by surprise yesterday after spotting an exotic ‘wild cat’ in the neighborhood and Dubai authorities have dispatched a team to rescue the animal.

A viral video of the cat hiding behind a bush and wandering around swirled across the internet, with hundreds of residents afraid of the havoc the animal could create. A few residents, who live in the Springs community, confirmed they’ve seen the cat and so have the security guards.

Yesterday, the Government of Dubai Media Office issued a statement confirming “trained professionals are currently conducting an extensive search to locate and capture the animal.”

Their statement also comes with a warning by the Dubai Police claiming it’s strictly prohibited to bring a wild animal outdoors. Its owner could face a jail term of up to six months and hefty fines.

Though there have been very cases of wild animals let loose in the public in Dubai, snakes have been a frequent occurrence in the emirate. Last October, an expatriate residing in the Al Fursan community discovered a blind snake in his washroom, followed by a viper snake spotted at a garden in Jumeirah Park in 2019.


(Featured photograph credit: Public Domain Pictures)

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