Sharjah Police Unravels Massive Drug Bust Smuggling 115 Kg Of Narcotics

Hundreds of kilograms of drugs destined for Sharjah were seized by the police ahead of the Eid Al Fitr holidays, including 115 kgs of narcotics and 51,000 psychotic pills.

Just In time for the Eid Al Fitr holidays, a gang that goes by the name, ‘Rashid,’ encompassing seven members, coordinated the narcotics shipment to Sharjah in a bid to smuggle them into the UAE.

Photograph credit: Sharjah Police

Lieutenant. Col. Majid Sultan Al Asam, Director of the Anti-Narcotics Department of Sharjah Police, says they received a tip about this illegal shipment and dispatched a team to inspect the ship, alongside the Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority (CICPA).

It turned out, the shipment was home to a whopping 115 kgs of drugs and 51,000 psychotic pills. The ‘Rashid’ crew were sentenced to imprisonment after being tracked across the seven emirates.

Al Asam says they assumed “they would go unnoticed by authorities.”

Sharjah Police, once again, warns residents to report such incidents and suspicious people to the number 8004654 or e-mail them “to protect our youth from falling prey in the clutches of drug gangs.”


(Featured photograph credit: Pixabay)

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