UAE Leaders Share Greetings As Eid Al Fitr Confirmed To Begin On Thursday

A four-day holiday begins in the UAE to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Eid Al Fitr, with a slew of greetings and congratulatory messages shared by UAE Royals.

Last night was a no-show by the Shawwal moon for Saudi Arabia’s moon sighting committee, hence confirming Eid Al Fitr to fall on Thursday, 13th May. Following the announcement, UAE Prime Minister and Vice President, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum took to Twitter wishing its citizens and the Muslim world, Eid Mubarak.

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan followed suit with Eid Al Fitr greetings and said “We pray that this blessed time brings peace, prosperity, and happiness to the people of our nation, the region, and the world.”

Though the Eid holidays are celebrated with a range of outdoor activities and events, residents are advised to stay cautious in a bid to contain the spread of Coronavirus. Police forces will be monitoring malls and markets to ensure people following safety protocols such as wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing.

They also advise residents to complete their prayers at home and refrain from attending social gatherings.

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Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office


(Featured photograph credit: Pexels)

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