Sheikh Mohammed Condoles The Death Of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Britain’s longest-serving consort to a monarch in history and husband of Queen Elizabeth ll, His Royal Highness Prince Philip passed away aged 99 at the Windsor Castle.

A long-serving veteran in the Royal Navy and the oldest male in the British Royal Family, Prince Philip completed 22,919 solo engagements and 5,493 speeches since 1952 until his retirement from royal duties in 2017, in addition to being a patron of 800 organizations, varying from the environment to sport and education.

Prince Philip’s health was a matter of concern of late. His Royal Highness had a hip replacement, met with a car accident though he didn’t suffer an injury, received treatment for a “pre-existing condition” and stayed in isolation with his wife, Queen Elizabeth 11 due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Last month, the Duke of Edinburgh underwent “testing and observation” for a pre-existing heart condition. Yesterday, Buckingham Palace announced he “peacefully” passed away at the Windsor Castle.

As the UK mourns to the death of Prince Philip, leaders from around the world expressed their deepest condolences to Queen Elizabeth ll. Emir of Dubai and UAE Vice President, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, tweeted a heartfelt tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh, calling him “a close friend to the UAE” who “will always be remembered for his devotion to his country and people.”


(Featured photograph credit: The Royal Family)

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