Dubai Gets Its First Electric Fire-Fighting Truck

In a first for the Middle East, Dubai Civil Defence is rolling out an all-new electric fire-fighting truck equipped with ground-breaking drive technology, vehicle architecture, operability and connectivity.

Emergency response vehicle manufacturer Rosenbauer joined forces with Volva Penta in creating an electric driveline for its fire truck, named ‘Revolutionary Technology (RT)’, and made its prototype debut in 2016. Last year, Volvo Penta announced Dubai is among the first three cities to receive the truck, along with Berlin and Amsterdam.

Touted as ‘the fire truck of the future,’ the RT fire truck is capable of rapid acceleration, hard braking and manoeuvrability. Its electric driveline, joint with independent suspension and a hydropneumatic chassis, delivers a high standard of safety and great driving performance.

Volvo Pentra

Photograph credit: Volvo Pentra

What’s more, the RT fire truck’s two electric motors have the potential to provide a total output of up to 360 kW (490 HP) and impart a propulsion and an acceleration to the RT only comparable to airport rescue and fire-fighting vehicles with 1,000 HP engines.

Plus, its energy storage system allows for an electricity-powered journey with ample time for operation at the rescue location. There is also a backup diesel engine onboard, providing sufficient energy supply should the journey or operation take longer.

Meanwhile, the truck’s water tank capacity is 4,000 litres and its foam tank capacity is 400 litres, in addition to four high-resolution cameras and a water pump in the electric truck designed with high-power standards Rosenbauer (NH35).

“The RT is in a different league to modern standard firefighting vehicles in terms of its operational-tactical benefits, loading options and firefighting equipment. Volvo Penta already supplied us with diesel engines for our conventional fire trucks. After many years of successful collaboration – coupled with the fact that they are part of the Volvo Group which is leading the way when it comes to electromobility and electric trucks – they were the ideal partner for the RT project. We’ve worked together closely to design a tailored solution, using proven Volvo technology, that enables our electric fire truck to do its job in a safer, more effective and more sustainable way than a conventional vehicle.”

Dieter Siegel, CEO at Rosenbauer International



(Featured photograph credit: Dubai Media Office)

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