Dubai Frontline Worker Missed His Daughter’s Birth While Sanitising Dubai Streets, Gets Honoured For His Commitment

Move over Superman and Spider-Man! We have our own superhero, Mosharraf Sahid, who opted to work relentlessly sanitising the streets of Dubai over travelling home to witness the birth of his daughter.

Our real-life frontline superheroes, may not wear fancy costumes and capes, but they all have the power of courage, kindness, and compassion for the whole world. Just in time when 38-year-old Mosharraf Sahid’s wife was expected to deliver his child in the village of Cumilla, Bangladesh, the Coronavirus outbreak gained a lot of traction in Dubai and a city-wide lockdown was announced to begin a sterilization drive in a bid to combat the deadly virus.

Sahid, a long-time employee at Dubai Municipality since 2006, was part of the sterilization crews which worked never-ending hours to clean the city. While the 38-year-old’s family celebrated his daughter’s birth on 24th April 2020, he was working on a 16-hour-long shift.

Mosharraf Sahid dubai frontliner bangladeshi worker missed his daughter's birth to disinfect dubai streets

Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

Following the shift, Sahid came to know about the good news as he returned home, saying his “heart was full of joy when I spoke to her and the rest of the family as they told me that my wife and daughter were healthy and doing well.

“I went to sleep that night with a smile on my face knowing that I had a new baby at home and that I was in Dubai fighting the pandemic at the same time. What an honour it was,” he added.

Working as a frontliner in the initial stage of the Coronavirus pandemic was no easy task, especially for Sahid, who says he fasted throughout the month of Ramadan and had no option to take a break since he has nine siblings depending on him.

“When sunset came, we would sit together and break our fast with a simple meal, then we continued with our work cleaning the streets. I was determined to finish the job to the best of my abilities. I owe this country a lot. I come from a large family and there are many people who need my support. Back in Bangladesh, I have seven brothers and two sisters.”

Mosharraf Sahid
Mosharraf Sahid dubai frontliner bangladeshi worker missed his daughter's birth to disinfect dubai streets

Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

Travelling poses a lot of risks, given the state of the pandemic, and that’s what stopping Sahid from seeing his daughter. The Bangladeshi says “I’m dreaming of the day when I can hold my newborn daughter in my arms, but until then I will do whatever it takes to make a difference.”

(Featured photograph credit: Dubai Media Office)

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