Red Bull Athletes Go ‘Dancing With The Fountains’ At The Pointe In A Jaw-Dropping Stunt Film

Two fearless athletes sponsored by Red Bull are taking the internet by storm after joining forces to putt up an epic stunt para-motoring above The Pointe’s record-breaking dancing fountains.

Horacio Llorens and Rafael Goberna, two paragliding maestros with numerous accolades and records to their names, practised relentlessly to perfect their choreography, carrying 50kg of weight on their backs as they flew with a propeller spinner on their backs.

As if the bulky weight wasn’t enough, they had to control the glider too.

Red Bull the pointe athlete paragliding paramotoring palm jumeirah fountains

Photograph credit: Naim Chidiac/ Red Bull

A huge team of specialists were behind the stunt, from pre-event training to engineering, safety precautions, intensive training sessions and practising choreography. The entire stunt took place at Palm Jumeirah’s The Pointe, playing host to the world’s largest fountain, encompassing a whopping 14,000 sq metres of seawater, reaching heights of 105 metres, sided with a line-up of 3,000 LED lights to set The Pointe’s promenade bright.

Check out the film:

“We were flying around three hours all together in consecutive flights of 45 minutes each. Night flying is confusing sometimes as you can not have a clear vision, but as we were working on direct communication with The Pointe fountain operators, we could play closer to the water streams and be part of this amazing show in a safe way.”

Horacio Llorens

Red Bull boasts a reputation of high-octane stunts and jaw-dropping sporting action, thanks to its epic athletes. From parkouring in the souks of Al Fahidi to drifting on a helipad and soaring the skies of Abu Dhabi, they’ve done it all.

Check out the last time Red Bull’s BMX athlete, Kriss Kyle heli-dropped and cycled his way through Dubai’s iconic landmarks:


(Featured photograph credit: Naim Chidiac/Red Bull)


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