Heartwarming Footage Captures Thirsty Pigeon Quenching Its Thirst Thanks To Sheikh Hamdan

Birds on a hot day look for every opportunity to quench their thirst with water, and one deprived pigeon found water under the scorching sun courtesy of the animal-loving Sheikh Hamdan.

Sharing the incident with his 11 million followers on Instagram, Dubai Crown Prince, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum captured the moment a pigeon landed on his yacht in search of water, bobbing its head back and forth and looking around.

It wasn’t until Sheikh Hamdan filled a bowl with water next to the pigeon and quenched its thirst. He even slowed his yacht to feed the bird.

Check out the video:

If you scroll through the Crown Prince’s Instagram, there’s no shortage of adorable videos featuring him and his adventures with animals, especially birds.

Last year, Sheikh Hamdan shared a video leaving his car gathering dust while it’s parked after spotting a couple of white-tipped birds hatch a nest and captured heartwarming footage of the duo laying eggs giving birth to two chicks.

Check out the last time Sheikh Hamdan bonded with a camel after calling him by his name:

Featured photograph credit: Pixabay

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