Abu Dhabi Arrests Two Residents For “Showing Off” Positive Coronavirus Test Result In Public

A viral video landed a duo in big trouble after flaunting a positive Coronavirus test result in a public area in Abu Dhabi.

A few residents in Abu Dhabi were taken by surprise when they saw one resident boast about his positive COVID-19 result on his phone while his friend recorded a video of him and uploaded it on social media, until cops from Abu Dhabi Police caught them. The duo’s case was referred to the Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution, and have been sentenced to imprisonment for putting other’s health in danger, as well as walking in a public place with the fatal infection.

As per the UAE laws, the duo could be fined between AED 10,000-50,000, followed by imprisonment for transmitting the disease to others without adhering to preventive measures.

This case comes hot on the heels of a plethora of shut-downs and raids by the police in the UAE, after finding crowds and gatherings violating social distancing rules. This week saw Dubai Police bust a yacht party with the organizer fined AED 50,000 and every attendee subject to an AED 15,000 fine. Another raid unravelled a desert party with scores of residents and party-goers found in violation of the temporary ban on mass social gatherings.

(Featured photograph credit:Pixy)

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