UAE Rolls Out Citizenship For Expatriate Investors, Professionals And Artists

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, the UAE is now allowing investors, professionals, doctors, artists and special talents to avail Emirati citizenship.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE made the announcement on Twitter, after chairing a UAE Cabinet meeting that approved amendments of the Executive Regulation of the Federal Law concerning Nationality and Passports.

To obtain Emirati nationality, candidates must belong to the following professions: investors, doctors, specialists, inventors, scientists, talents, intellectuals, artists.

Candidates can apply for their families too, as well as retain their primary nationality. There are some noteworthy terms and conditions that at the time of applying, however.

Investors must own a property in the UAE to be eligible for citizenship. Doctors and specialists must be specialised in a unique scientific discipline, in addition to having acknowledged scientific contributions, studies and research of scientific value, a minimum work experience of ten years and membership in a reputable specialization-related organization.

Eligible scientists must be an active researcher in a university or a research centre, with a minimum work experience of ten years and obtain a letter of recommendation from a recognised scientific institution in the UAE, alongside notable contributions in the scientific field such as an award or an accolade, or having secured substantial funding for their research.

Meanwhile, inventors must have at least patent approved by the UAE Ministry of Economy or any other reputable international body, in addition to a recommendation letter from the Economy Ministry to apply for citizenship.

Lastly, creative talents must be a “pioneer” in their field and winner of at least one international award, as well as obtain a recommendation letter from related government entities.

It’s worth mentioning the UAE’s citizenship announcement comes after a slew of changes made to the immigration system to retain the country’s top talents and long-serving residents. 2019 saw the country introduce a ‘Golden Visa’ that allows ten-year residency, followed by the remote working visa for those who wish to live in the country while they’re employed overseas, and the retirement visas targeted for senior citizens aged 55 and above.

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Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office



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