Meet The Photographer Who Introduced Everyone To Ras Al Khaimah’s ‘Pink Lake’

If’ you’re a regular on Instagram, chances are you might have scrolled through Ammar Alfarsi’s stunning drone shots capturing the newly discovered ‘pink lake’ in Ras Al Khaimah, a new road trip spot for residents in the UAE. We caught up with the 19-year-old Emirati drone photographer to unravel how he discovered the lake, his favourite photographers and the photography spots in the UAE.

Hi Ammar! Tell us about your photography works and what influenced you to get into this profession

Well I’ve started the drone photography last year after seeing the amazing photos of the people on Instagram, so I said why don’t I try that. And I actually did try it and learned how to fly a drone by my self and now I’m here.

What’s the back-story about the pink lake you discovered and how did you find it?

A friend of mine told me about the place and next day morning (Sunday 17th 11 am) I went to Ras Al Khaimah and visited the place. It was my first time ever seeing something like this and I was amazed by it.

Ras Al Khaimah Pink lake

Photograph credit: Ammar Alfarsi

How was the drive to the pink lake? Does it take an SUV to reach there?

I live in Sharjah so it took me almost an hour driving to the spot. You can reach it by a sedan car like me but then you have to walk a bit to reach it or use an SUV to go directly to the lake.

We glanced through your IG and you’ve got a great deal of breathtaking aerial-view shots. Do you get the photos by yourself or do you have a team helping you behind the scenes?

Thank you so much. I get everything done by myself like find new places and drive to them by my self.

Are there any local or internationally-known photographers you take inspiration from?

Yes, there are a couple like (@ii.nam, @basedonali, @x7man) on Instagram and many more from the explore section.

Lastly, which are your favourite places to practice photography and get good drone shots?

Anywhere that I can fly my drone, because what you see on the floor is different than what a drone sees in the sky. But my favourite places are either beaches or buildings.

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