Sharjah Firefighters Contain Plumes Of Thick Smoke and Fire From Warehouse Within An Hour

An automobile scrap yard caught fire last evening until Sharjah Civil Defence arrived onto the scene in record and contained the blaze within an hour.

Thick plumes of black smoke filled the air after a massive fire erupted from the automobile scrap yard in Sharjah Industrial Area 2. The blaze broke out in the late hours of yesterday evening (4: 55 pm) until residents alerted the emirate’s Civil Defence, and teams of firefighters were deployed immediately to bring the flames under control.

Three teams reached the warehouse and contained the fire by 5: 30 pm, after rolling out a series of cooling strategies. According to news outlet Gulf Today, it’s believed a flammable car spare part set the yard ablaze.

It’s worth pointing out that 2020 has been a tough year of catastrophes and huge fires in Sharjah. Last April saw an under-construction building engulfed in fires “due to burning pieces of wood used in construction operations,” followed by a high-rise tower, home to 250 families, catching fire last May. No casualties were reported as residents were ordered to evacuate immediately.

Sharjah Building under construction fire fires Civil defence

Photograph credit: Sharjah24

(Featured photograph credit: Picryl)

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