50 Cent Hangs Out With UAE Royals In Dubai

It looks like rapper 50 Cent is on a business visit in the UAE, spotted hanging out with Emirati Royals at Dubai’s famed Palazzo Versace Dubai hotel.

Emiraty Royals welcome 50 Cent

Very little is known about Fifty’s visit to Dubai, but he was joined with Al Qasimi Royal family members Sheikh Tarik bin Faisal Al Qasimi and Faisal Tarik Al Qassimi at a meeting in Palazzo Versace, alongside the hotel’s managing director, Monther Darwish and actor Michele Morrone, of Netflix’s ‘365 Days’ fame.

Palazzo Versace’s Monther Darwish also shared videos of their meeting, recorded by ET Arabiya.

50 Cent no stranger to Dubai

It’s worth mentioning 50 Cent is a familiar face in Dubai, with frequent gigs and performances in the city’s top nightclubs.

2019 saw 50 Cent headline Saudi Arabia’s first-ever music festival, Jeddah World Fest, performing along with a star-studded line-up that boasted of Janet Jackson, Steve Aoki, Liam Payne and Future.

(Featured photograph credit: Sheikh Tarik Al Qassimi)

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