Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna Opens New Pop-Up Restaurant In Dubai

India’s very own Michelin star chef Vikas Khanna is bringing the flavours of India to his seasonal pop-up restaurant, ‘Ellora by Vikas Khanna’ at the JA The Resort in Jebel Ali.

Ellora by Vikas Khanna opens at JA The Resort, Dubai

Just in time when Dubai is opening up post-Coronavirus and the dining scene is gaining traction, Vikas Khanna announced his newest culinary venture with seasonal pop-up restaurant ‘Ellora by Vikas Khanna’ open at the JA The Resort through the summer season. Diners can indulge in a line-up of fruit-infused dishes, from tandoori pineapple with sesame curry to saffron crisp and coconut cream, pan-seared salmon with a pistachio crust, rainbow carrot and watermelon curry. Not to mention the hotly-anticipated dish, achari lamb is cooked with caramelised onions, nigella-fennel mixes and seasonal green mangoes.

Ellora by Vikas Khanna opens in Dubai JA The Resort Kinara dining eatery restaurant Indian food Coronavirus Covid-19

Via Giphy

‘Ellora by Vikas Khanna’ describes itself as “a seasonal culinary experience inspired by the traditional flavours of India,” featuring a “definitively fresh menu of seasonal ingredients” guests can immerse into.

‘Kinara by Vikas Khanna’ closed for the summer

Meanwhile, The James Beard Award Nominee and Michelin Star Chef’s award-winning restaurant, ‘Kinara by Vikas Khanna’ remains closed this summer. The eatery garnered a reputation for dishes like Dahi De Kebab and Chicken Makhani, taking inspiration from “the raw beauty of home cooking.”

Ellora by Vikas Khanna opens in Dubai JA The Resort Kinara dining eatery restaurant Indian food Coronavirus Covid-19

Photograph credit: JA The Resort

27 million meals donated by Vikas Khanna this year

While India has been witnessing challenging times in the wake of Coronavirus, Vikas Khanna has been at the forefront of giving back to society donating a whopping 27 million meals in the country. The Amritsar-born chef rolled out an initiative named ‘Feed India Movement’ organizing food distributions giving away meals to orphanages, AIDS patients, old-age homes, migrant workers and to those in need of food across the nation.

“As we were planning the opening of Ellora by Vikas Khanna, I was simultaneously coordinating the Feed India initiative, whereby we organised a supplier network of food and rations and delivered more than 25 million meals to Indian families in need. I was feeling deeply enveloped in the power of food and nourishment on a new level and wanted this emotion to permeate Ellora. I’m truly feeling blessed for both the creations.”

Vikas Khanna

‘Ellora by Vikas Khanna’ is open through the weekend (Thursday-Saturday) from 6:30 pm to 11 pm. For reservations, call 04-814-5604 or drop an email to restaurant.reservation@jaresorts.com.



(Featured photograph credit: JA The Resort)

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