Twitter Takes Down Ill-Famed Human Rights Organization Detained In Dubai’s Account

A Middle East propaganda campaign based in the UK, Detained in Dubai, that made numerous baseless allegations about the UAE went dark on Friday after Twitter suspended their account.

Human rights organization Detained in Dubai’s Twitter account suspended

In a bid to tackle misinformation about the UAE and the Middle East, Twitter temporarily suspended Detained in Dubai’s Twitter account, which has been around for years making numerous controversial statements against the high-profile cases in the region, and have been quoted by several international news outlets, from The New York Times to Daily Mail, The Guardian, BBC, The Independent and Associated Press.

Twitter suspends Detained in Dubai's Radha Stirling account human rights activist propaganda UK

Photograph credit: PxHere

Some of their allegations involved the infamous cases of Matthew Hedges, Rahaf AlQunun and the recent case of two UK Nationals arrested for selling illegal narcotics in Dubai.

Radha Stirling, a human rights activist and the brains behind Detained in Dubai, has made some outlandish comments about the UAE, such as saying the country is “one of the riskiest places to invest in the world” and calling Dubai’s economy “shaky.”


(Featured photograph credit: PxFuel)

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