Sheikh Mohammed Makes A Generous Donation For 15-Year-Old Kidney Patient

15-year- old Pritvik Sinhadc’s family were short of funds for his kidney transplant and dialysis until Sheikh Mohammed stepped in to cover the cost of his treatment.

Pritvik, a student at Dubai College, was the Middle East’s only recipient of the prestigious World Science Scholar accolade by the World Science Festival (WSF) in 2018. According to Khaleej Times, he was selected among 45 pupils from around the world for demonstrating extraordinary mathematical talent.

Aspiring astrophysicist

He dreams to become an astrophysicist and even completed a pre-college course at the renowned Brown University when he was only in grade nine, inspiring him to embark on a group project collecting and analysing data by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) to study life in Mars, in line with the administration’s ‘Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover’ mission starting this July.

As if his achievements in science aren’t enough, Pritvik is also the world’s youngest author in palaeontology, having authored the book “When Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth” at the age of seven.

Kidney patient

Despite his accomplishments, things didn’t go well of late for Pritivk after being diagnosed with stage-four renal failure last year. Given the state of the Coronavirus pandemic, it makes things more riskier for Pritvik to get treatment at a hospital.

What’s more, his father, Bhaskar Sinha was stranded outside the UAE in the midst of the lockdown, giving up his job at an oil and gas company in Qatar to help Pritvik. It wasn’t until his family and friends pleaded for help from the Al Jalila Foundation, helping him return to the UAE.

Sheikh Mohammed makes a donation for Pritvik’s kidney transplant and dialysis

UAE Prime Minister, Vice President and Emir of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed came to the rescue by helping fund the treatment. His office also sent Pritvik a bouquet of flowers, an iPad and a heartfelt letter offering the Ruler’s best wishes. Check it out:

Pritvik Sinhadc Sheikh Mohammed kidney patient donation astrophysicist

Photograph credit: Emarat Alyoum



(Featured photograph credit: Dubai Media Office)

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