Shocking Footage Emerges Of A Toyota Supra Collecting Dust In Dubai

JDM fans, grab a box of tissues and get ready to wipe a few tears because there’s a viral video surfacing on the internet, showing a famous Toyota Supra abandoned at a car workshop in Dubai.

Footage of a Toyota Supra collecting dust

Japanese sports cars of the ‘90s boast a massive following among car enthusiasts, racers and collectors. The likes of Toyota Supra, Nissan Skyline, Honda NSX and Mazda Rx7 are replacing exotics such as Ferrari Testarossa, Lamborghini Countach and DMC DeLorean’s among collectors’ ‘must-have cars’ lists.

Dubai, too, plays host to some big-spenders and automotive fanatics importing JDM classics that often show up at car meets and exhibitions. Not to mention some motors are close to illegal standards given their carbon emissions and lack of aftermarket support to make maintenance affordable, hence making most of them a rare sight to see. One of the most iconic vehicles in that list is Toyota Supra, which you’ve most probably seen in The Fast and the Furious and street racing videos. Quite literally, the vehicle is an icon of sports automobiles with some mechanics capable of tuning its engine to a whopping 3,000 horsepower.

Fun fact, there’s a garage in Dubai that made a replica of the orange Toyota Supra from The Fast and The Furious.

Toyota Supra abandoned collecting dust in dubai umm ramool jdm mk4 japan

Photograph credit: Viraj Asher/Desi Scene Dubai

Given its legacy, the Toyota Supra’s resale value can get you anything more than what a brand new model costed back in the day. Some prices fetch between Dhs 80,000-100,000. There was a time someone purchased a ‘94 model Supra for a staggering $121,000 (AED 444k), with seven thousand miles clocked on the odometer.

Toyota Supra abandoned collecting dust in dubai umm ramool jdm mk4 japan

Via Tenor

Simply put, the Supra holds a lot of value till now. A lot of enthusiasts and car collectors got to great lengths to keep their vehicles in pristine condition, but you’d be surprised to see this Supra with a Dubai number plate left abandoned at what appears to be a car workshop. Check it out:

As of now, the whereabouts of the car is unknown but the video is making its rounds around the internet with a lot of users commented in disbelief of the Supra’s condition.

Toyota Supra abandoned collecting dust in dubai umm ramool jdm mk4 japan

While the Supra’s owner is unknown, we unravelled a forum discussion about the car in 2006.

Toyota Supra andoned collecting dust in dubai umm ramool jdm mk4 japan

Photograph credit:



(Featured photograph credit: Pexels)

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