There’s A New Food Delivery App In Dubai Charging Just Dh 1 Per Order

Dubai’s latest food-delivery app, Grub is making its debut with deliveries for just one dirham per order and offering a zero-commission fee for restaurants for the first six months.

Dh 1 fee per order

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, our best way of showing support for local restaurants are by ordering online, and Grub is offering food deliveries for just a buck. The app is partnering with a “wide range of quality restaurants,” be it homegrown gems or international restaurant chains, to get your order at your doorstep with a live feed to keep track of where’s your food at.

Grub food delivery app Dubai Dhs 1 food restaurant dining

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“Knowing that your food and community is being handled with care and honesty makes the whole dining experience that much better. From our customer satisfaction to our partner restaurants’ level of control and accessibility, we want to enhance the standard of delivery services in the UAE and ensure that the right people are being rewarded for their hard work.”

Michael Andersen, Grub CEO

Zero-commission fee for restaurants

Grub is building its food-ordering platform with a zero-commission fee for restaurants. The offer is only valid for the first six months, however. Restauranteurs can avail the deal until July 2020 and must fill this form to become a partner.

“I’ve experienced first-hand the struggle to connect with a client base via food aggregators. At Grub, we’re extremely passionate about helping our restaurant community not only navigate through the public health crisis, but also take control of the customer experience, so restaurants can thrive as the industry begins to recover.”

Edgar Jimenez, Grub COO


(Featured photograph credit: Pexels)

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