Satwa’s Famed Ravi Restaurant Pleads For Support In Light Of Financial Crisis

Just as Coronavirus concerns ramped up in the UAE, millions of dirhams are at stake for restaurateurs to sustain in the industry, and the renowned Ravi restaurant is hoping UAE residents support them in light of the ongoing financial crisis caused by the pandemic.

Ravi Restaurant selling its assets

42 years since its inception, Ravi Restaurant has been a mainstay on the UAE’s culinary scene serving a selection of curries, biryanis and kebabs. The restaurant has seen crises like the Gulf War, the 2008 recession and witnessed Dubai’s transformation from a deserted town into the metropolitan city it is today. Yet, there hasn’t been anything quite like Coronavirus that disrupted the dining scene and put a prominent restaurant in a state of vulnerability.

Fun fact, it’s even featured on Dubai’s official tourism website, Visit Dubai’s suggestions for restaurants to check out in the city!

Speaking to local newspaper, The National, Waheed Abdul Hameed, Managing Director and son of Ravi restaurant’s founder, Chaudary Abdul Hameed, says they’re “badly affected” by the aftermath of Coronavirus and they’ve begun selling “personal assets” in an attempt to “repay debts.”

“We have been very badly affected by this and have spent the past few weeks trying to figure things out. It has come to a point where we are selling off personal assets to repay debts.”

Waheed Abdul Hameed

In hope of support

Given the state of the pandemic, buying local and supporting small businesses is the best way to help the community sustain. Similarly, Waheed calls upon long-time UAE residents and food connoisseurs to help Ravi’s during these challenging times. The restaurant is open to dining and through online orders.

“We hope our customers can support us as they have supported us over the years. It is going to be an uphill task – only together can we fight this.”

Waheed Abdul Hameed

If you’re anyone like us, born and raised in the UAE, you might recall seeing this animated poster of the restaurant. Check it out!

Ravi restaurant support UAE residents Dubai satwa selling personal assets

Photograph credit: Clare Napper


(Featured photograph credit: Pexels)

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