Bengaluru Businessman’s Son Crashes Lamborghini And Takes A Photo With Debris

Shocking footage has emerged on the internet showing a rich kid ramming a INR 3.06 CR (AED 1.5m)-worth Lamborghini Gallardo into a checkpoint in Bengaluru.

Watch the moment the Lamborghini crashed into the checkpoint

If you’re anything like us, who grew up playing video games from Grand Theft Auto to Midnight Club and Need For Speed, there was nothing quite like the fun of speeding an exotic vehicle during a race or a mission, and it didn’t matter whether you crashed (“Lamborghini chalai jande ho” vibe!).

However, things got real for Sunny Sabarwall after crashing his Lambo into a traffic checkpoint in Bengaluru. The 28-year-old is the son of a co-owner of Fun World and Resorts India Private Limited, an amusement park in the city. Check it out:

Lamborghini owner poses with the debris too 

As if the accident wasn’t enough to fear the 28-year-old with the fines he’s about to incur, he was snapped in an image with the damaged checkpoint, which Bengaluru City Police went on to share online.

Prison sentence

Following the accident, Bengaluru City Police announced they’ve registered a case on Sabarwall and sentenced him to imprisonment, alongside an INR 2,000 (103 dhs) fine.

Bengaluru Lamborghini Rich kid Crash Traffic checkpoint owner son Fine Prison Jail

Via Giphy

 A recent report by The News Minute claims the 28-year-old has already obtained station bail.

(Featured photograph credit: Photograph credit: Bengaluru City Police and Sridhar Parthasarathy)

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