Sheikh Hamdan Bonds With Camels After Calling By Their Names

It goes without saying that Dubai’s Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan has a soft spot for animals, and he’s sent social media into a frenzy once again sharing an adorable video with two camels.

Check out Sheikh Hamdan having fun with camels

Driving around a camel farm in his popular G Wagon, Sheikh Hamdan called out two of his horses, Emaar and Fares, who walked towards his car to recieve little snacks and offered the Crown Prince kisses on his head until he was out of food. The video stormed Instagram with more than one million views within a day. Check it out:

Fazza the animal lover

Unless you’re in the know, Sheikh Hamdan frequently spends times with animals and especially horses. The Crown Prince has a line-up of furry friends, from dogs to lions and baby cubs. Here’s one of his pals, Frosty:

Check out the last time Sheikh Hamdan rescued an animal

Apart from his adventures with animals, Sheikh Hamdan has also rescued many of them. Last April saw a giraffe running unusually slow until he spotted him. His team shot a tranquillizer to unstabilise the animal and cut its long hooves, to help him run faster. Check it out:

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